How It Works

Summit Success is an innovative online tools system that will make it easier than ever for you to succeed in your business endeavors - just let Summit Success go to work for you. Allow your web site to track visitors, show presentations and follow up with new prospects while you're away from your home or office. Your site is completely customizable and can be tailored to fit your specifications. Simplify your prospecting efforts by solidifying your online presence today with a Summit Success replicated web site.

  • Step 1 - Refer your prospects to your site
  • Using your business cards or literature, refer your prospects to your site by printing your replicated web site information on your marketing materials. Also, send out custom presentations from your site or iPhone App containing your web site URL to help increase your site's traffic.

  • Step 2 - Let your site do the work
  • With the many features included you can let your replicated web site do the work for you. With lead capture, time-released emails and site-tracking capabilities, your site will keep your business running 24 hours a day.

  • Step 3 - Follow up and seal the deal
  • Because of the information your site provides, you will know exactly when and how to follow up with your prospects. Contact by phone, or send out additional customized presentations, providing your prospects with the information and opportunity they need.
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