An Authorized Training & Support System for Juuva Distributors.


Summit Success is the training and mentoring system associated with and authorized by Juuva. While Juuva and Summit are separate entities, they work synergistically to support all Juuva Distributors. Summit’s sole purpose is to help you acquire the skills necessary to build a profitable Juuva business. Juuva endorses the value of Summit by covering your first month of membership. This gives you 30-days free access to all the amazing benefits Summit offers!

Just as Juuva is uniquely positioned in the networking industry, Summit is equally
positioned in terms of training and support. Summit is managed by high-achieving Distributors whose primary goal is to provide the most outstanding, transparent and useful support system in the entire industry.


Take advantage of the business training tools provided in the training section of the Summit Success, featuring hours of videos and other content. You’ll have access to information that is both easy to follow and proven to help you build your Juuva business quickly, effectively and with a foundation for the future.


From an unbeatable contact management system to social media tools, and more, it’s never been easier to build a successful Juuva business. We take the guesswork out of digital prospecting by offering you a complete library of social posts, email scripts and digital media. And with our email auto-responders, instant notifications and follow-up pages you can keep track of your prospects with ease.

If you’re ready to kick-start your business building success, look no further. Welcome to Juuva and welcome to Summit Success! Log into your Juuva Back Office, click on My Summit, and set up your Summit Membership today!


An Authorized Training & Support System for Juuva Distributors.


With hours of videos, and dozens of files to read, our Training area will teach you everything you need to be successful in your Juuva business.

Personalized Website

Your business will be open 24/7 on the web. All enrollments and purchases made on your site will be credited to your Juuva business.

Create Income

Learn the most effective ways to earn life transforming income from the Juuva Prosperity Plan.


The power of Network Marketing is duplication. Summit Success helps you effectively teach, train, and motivate your Distributors so they can do the same for their Distributors and so on.

Text Your Message

Get your message directly into people's hands with easy-to-use text messaging tools.

Follow up Tools

The fortune is in the follow up!  With our email auto responders, instant notifications and follow up pages you can be sure no one is lost.


See who’s on the move in Juuva! With regular updates, this page shows all the leaders developing across the globe.

Personal Development

Summit offers learning materials in many areas, each will help you grow. Learn from experts about leadership, finances, relationships, time management, and more.

Mobile App

Manage your business from your iPhone, iPad, Android phone or tablet, or Kindle. Wherever you are, whatever device you use, we've got you covered.

Mobile Marketing

Create customized QR codes and use the SMS texting tool to reach someone quickly; and as always, linked directly back to you.


Receive up to 15% off of business building materials, business cards, events, apparel, and much more.

Social Media Tool

Select from our robust library of company specific and generic posts, and easily post them to your social networks.

Events Calendar

View up-to-date event locations and dates across the globe.


With your Summit Membership you will have access to listen to past Summit CDs and conference calls.


Review statistics of what prospecting efforts are working, so you can refine, adjust and see your business grow.

What Others Say

I am thankful for Juuva because it is filled with integrity - in products, people, and principles!

~ Celeste M

Summit gives me the support I need. In a world of 'you can't,' Summit provides everything you need to tell yourself you can. The positive support and being able to have good business building materials is essential for my personal growth, as well as the growth of my business.

~ Christine F

Summit provides a community to uplift, encourage and help each other. A system that provides personal development. Not just for myself, but also skills to teach my children and raise them up to be great leaders in this world!

~ Cassie W

I am thankful for the Summit seminars because of the positive energy that I feel here! I have made a list of friends and can't wait to have my Upline help me show the plan! This is my first seminar that I have been to and I love the information that I received! I have already bought next month’s Summit Seminar ticket!

~ Dahn C

I honestly have taken Summit for granted…I'm thankful that I have it and I know that there is much to learn for me to move ahead with Juuva. However, I'm grateful for the Leadership that I know truly care, and want so much more for my family and me. The leaders see us as not what we are, but what we can become. What an incredible thing that is!

~ Clint W

Summit is keeping me motivated with my Juuva business. It has helped my husband & I to learn how to succeed. Summit teaches us what to do to be more successful in our Juuva business. It helps us be more organized with our contacts and how to contact them. I am thankful for the Success Magazine, conference calls, Hurdlr, and everything else my Summit Membership offers because it helps us succeed!

~ Ashly I

Summit has helped give me confidence that I know what I am talking about. To step out there and share Juuva. And I love the Success Magazine!

~ Sheena M

Summit brings me back into focus when I get out of focus! I am so grateful for the Success Magazine and the CDs!

~ Celeste M

Summit simplifies the process of duplication. It makes available necessary information and tools, as well as training opportunities in the form of seminars and conferences to pave a pathway to success.

~ Clint H

Summit has been very helpful by providing training that has helped my wife and I with not only being better people, but with others seeing how we have changed. Leadership training is the best!

~ Paul G

Because of Summit I'm becoming a better person. My thought processes are changing and getting better. This is happening because of the training materials (audios, books, conference calls, seminars) and the people I am associating/mentoring with.

~ Austin C

Summit helps me learn how to be a better wife, mother, friend, and business partner. Summit is vital to helping me "become".

~ Karen W

Summit gives me the tools and support to be the best person I can be…the person I'm meant to be!

~ Karen B

With Summit I have grown tremendously through the CDs I have listened to, the books I have read, and the association with our mentors. I love the positives and great support!

~ Carol B

Summit makes enrolling and training a new distributor at a distance a breeze! So easy to present, train, and motivate with the success website.

~ Sue H

Summit provides highly directional training created by experienced and selfless individuals who embrace the Juuva mission and purpose.

~ Don S

We are thrilled with the 24/7 training, the videos, archived conference calls, product information, and the ability to track contacts and send out great information. It's all so amazing and just makes a 100% difference in our Juuva business!

~ Michelle S

Continuing Education has been a major part of my life. Summit fulfills the requirement for me to stay focused, motivated and engaged in my personal improvement, and business development goals. A must for anyone looking to achieve their goals with the Juuva business

~ Wade M

Being part of Summit Success is like frosting on a delicious cake. We have access to top-notch tools and training for a very small price. Having a brand new person be able to listen to talks, read about the cycle of duplication, see the leaders and people earning pins gives us all credibility. The fact sheets, Getting Started Workbook, action packs, Success Magazine and CDs, seminars, conferences, Hurdlr Tax System, and personal website are all part of the track for people to reach higher levels of success quicker. Juuva looks very professional with Summit Success as our training system. For ONLY $24.95 a month, Summit Success is a tremendous value!

~ Phyllis J

Summit Success


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